On a trip to Canada in June 2003, I visited with Maurice Nenka and Ernie Rice.
Maurice is building a new BD-5B to replace his famous Yellow Bird, which was irreparably
damaged after an emergency power-off landing in a raspberry patch.
Ernie's BD-5 was built some time ago but he is unable to fly it these days and is looking to sell it.

Click on the small images to view large ones!

Not much left of the ol' yellow bird!
Kinda looks like a yellow BD...
Maurice shows off his new engine.
Another view of the Honda engine.
He's got a machinist working with him...
...and it shows, doesn't it?
The new bird in progress in the garage!
The new office is looking good!
Secret mod #1.
Yes, I can make engine noises!
Voila! It opens and I get out!
Wait, wait, let me set up the shot!
The glare shield needs to be on!
Ok, now you can take the shot.
The space behind the panel is tight!
Another shot of the fuselage.
An even better one from the front.
And one of the instrument panel
#2 of the instrument panel.
Way down there, it's the heating system.
It's even got an engine! Turbo Honda!
It's looking good and it wants to fly.
Does the wing look familiar?
Looks like Seth Anderson's design.
Lots of wiring and doodad's!
Ernie's other girlfriend, a nice Tri-Pacer!
And a final shot to prove I was there!