BD-5 Customer Information

Bulletin No. 10

Machined Parts Information

We have had several inquiries as to what holes are drilled in the machined parts that were offered in Customer Information Bulletin No. 9 in reference to LG-172, LG-151 and LG-152. Both holes in LG-172 are drilled. No other holes are required in this part. The 1" pivot hole is drilled in LG-151 and LG-152. All parts are machine faced, where required. There are five (5) mode bolt attachments holes in these parts that the homebuilder is required to drill himself.

Plans Information

The next set of plans to be sent out are Nosegear Door fabrication and installation. Inspection Hole cut-out and the Standard Pitot-Static system. There are at the printer and as soon as we receive them, they will be mailed. At the present time the fuel system, main landing gear and control system plans are being prepared for printing.

Included in the fuel system plans are installation details for baffles, fuel drain, optical fuel gauge and fuel fillers in the wings. All of these installations can be done with the wing closed or opened, but it is a lot easier with it still open.

Several calls have been received about FU66 Bulkhead. This part will be fabricated by the homebuilder from sheet aluminum and the drawing will soon be released to you.

Misprints on the Plans

Chapter 3, Page 31. Lower right corner says (Con't on 24). This should read (Con't on 34).

Chapter 6, Page 61, Paragraph 7: Change BD-0059-1 to read BD-0106-1. Change BD-0059-2 to read BD-0106-2. (These are bushings for installation in LG-69 and LG-70 and will be sent out soon.)

Chapter 6, Page 61, Paragraph 10, Line 3: Delete (of MBD).

Chapter 6, Page 61, Paragraph 10, Line 20: Add (is correct) to the paragraph.

Something You Should Know About

You have been shipped a plastic bag labeled "AN310-3," supposedly containing three tension nuts. In actual fact, our supplier (who pre-packs these nuts for us) packaged three AN320-3 shear nuts by mistake.

Our Engineering Department has evaluated the substitute nuts and states that the nuts can be used in the flap actuator system, as will be shown on the drawing in the chapter on "Control System." (This chapter is now being prepared for printing.) The important thing is that the nuts supplies are not used anywhere else on the aircraft. (Used on parts CF-11 and CF-29.)

Machine Finished Parts Reminder

Just want to remind all customers that LG-172, LG-151 and LG-152 are available, on an exchange basis, already machine-finished and bored (where applicable) for the unmachined castings in Supplement Package 3. Your price: LG-172 - $21.50; LG-151/152 - $23.50 each.

Note: LG-151 and 152 are actually made from two LG-151's. Your Bill of Materials shows this, and invoices covering shipment of replacement machined parts will also reflect this.

Revisions to Package Supplement 3 Bill of Materials

Change as Shown:Delete:Should be:
BD-5-M-00461.6" long1.0" long
AN3-10A107 bolt
AN3-12A2120 bolt
AN3-5A2423 bolt
MS21256-151 clip
MS27-39-0809106 screw
MS35489-654 grommet
AN3-1142 bolt

The following parts have now been deleted from Package Supplement 3:

AN23-24A1 Clevis bolt
AN310-33 Nut
AN350-10321 Nut
AN4-112 Bolt
AN4-13A1 Bolt
AN960-D1024 Washer
AN960-D41618 Washer
AN960-D416L9 Washer
AN960-D8L47 Washer
AN960-D816L2 Washer
AN960-PD5164 Washer
MS20470AD6-102 Rivet
MS24665-1542 Cotter pin
MS27039-08064 Screw
MS27039-1-068 Screw

Corresponding with Bede Aircraft

When writing to Bede Aircraft customers are again requested that they give their Priority Number on all communications.

Although we can still find you in our records if you don't do this, it does save us a lot of time searching out your number when a specific task, requiring use of your number, is done. Your consideration in this regard is appreciated.

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