Confidential BD-5 Customer Newsletter

May 5, 1972


The BD-5 program is rapidly progressing to the point when we will have the new production prototype in the air. In fact, by the time you receive this confidential memo we should just about have reached that point, which means that the next regular Information memo (which goes out to everybody on our general mailing list) should carry photographs of the new BD-5 in flight -- even if this causes a slight delay in getting the Memo printed.

Taxi tests begin on the new production prototype (N501BD) the weekend of May 6, and our engineering department is probably more excited than any of our customers at seeing the new prototype actually roll out of our workshop.

All of you can rest assured that our first flights with the new BD-5 will be properly recorded, as we have arranged for professional photographers to be present -- from the beginning of taxi test runs, right through to actual in-flight testing -- so that both still shots as well as movies will be taken of the aircraft. We have also arranged for a professional 3-minute movie to be made of the BD-5, and this will be available later for loan to groups, clubs and EAA chapters. All of you, as BD-5 customers, will also be receiving an 8 x 10 color photo of the BD-5 in flight just as soon as possible after we have taken the photographs.


We are planning to hold an "Open House" for all our BD-5 customers sometime in the next few weeks. We haven't fixed a date yet, but notice of this will be sent to you at least two weeks before, and you will have plenty of time to make arrangements to attend. We are aiming for either end of May, or early June.

The Open House will, as already stated, be primarily for our customers, and everyone who attends will be given a briefing on how to fly the BD-5, as well as a general discussion on the whole aircraft. You will also be taken through our workshop and engineering facilities on a conducted tour. If you cannot make it on the date we set, you will be more than welcomed to visit our Newton plant on any weekday or Saturday after the Open House date. The facility is closed on Sundays.


As of May 15 all future correspondence to this company should be addressed to Newton Municipal Airport, Newton, Kansas 67114, and all telephone calls regarding your order should be made to (316) 283-6910.

As of this date all customer records will have been transferred to our Newton facility. (Next general information memo will carry photographs of our new workshop and offices in the new Bede Aircraft building at Newton.)


Some suppliers have indicated to us that there might be a possible delay in delivery of certain parts that are included in the BD-5 materials package, despite their firm commitments to us when we first ordered materials. If this is the case, we will still definitely ship on schedule and any materials missing at the time your own BD-5 order goes out of our warehouse, we will ship the balance of your materials at a later date - at our expense. We will pay shipping charges on any back-ordered parts.


It is a relatively simple matter to obtain an "N" number from FAA for your BD-5. You will require a Bill of Sale on your aircraft before you can apply for a number, however, and we will be sending all customers a Bill with their order. To make it easier for you also, we will be including complete instructions with the plans on how to apply for an "N" number. We would ask at this time that you wait until you receive delivery of your aircraft before trying to apply for an "N" number, as it will involve extra work if we have to send a Bill of Sale out upon request from individual customers.


Now that we are at the point of shipping out first orders for the BD-5, we want to ask you that you build your BD-5 exactly as per the plans that arrive with your materials. We have spent a tremendous amount of time and money, involving a great deal of engineering and testing, to try and make the BD-5 as perfect a design as possible. To try and change one part of the aircraft, or deviate from the design in any way, will put the whole design of the aircraft back to the initial experimental stages, and you will be "on your own." We have said many times in the past with our other designs, that to change one item on a fully-designed and developed aircraft must affect other areas of the whole design. With the BD-5 being a whole new concept altogether (and for other reasons mentioned above), we ask that no changes be attempted. Our engineering department will not have the time to consider and evaluate any suggested changes a customer might come up with.

The BD-5 is no ordinary homebuilt (as you will eventually come to realize when you build your own), therefore "ordinary" changed cannot be made to it. Follow the plans and our construction manual exactly -- that's all we ask.


We have now reorganized our mailing list, and if you report a change of address from here on in you must send us both your old address, as well as your new one. But what is more important is that you send us the Zip Code with both old and new addresses! Our mailing list is now in Zip Code order, and without this number we cannot possibly find you on the list. (No action will be taken on any mailing list address change unless the Zip Code is given.)


As this might well be the very last "Confidential" news memo we shall be sending to you, our customer, we want to personally thank you for your support of our efforts, and for your patience during the past few months. We know that you will be more than happy with your BD-5 when you take delivery of it. (Note: We will be continuing with the regular monthly Information Memo).

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