BD-5 Information Memo - No. 1

This is the first of regular BD-5 information memos.

Work is progressing well on the three BD-5 prototypes we plan on building, and we have not run into any snags. Two sets of wings have been completed and inspected by the FAA. The flaps and ailerons have also been installed. Just a point of interest -- without flaps and ailerons the wing weighs 15 lbs. One aileron without the mass balance weighs 6.5 oz.! These items are coming out exactly as originally calculated.

We have been approached by a manufacturer of a very well designed, lightweight variable speed drive system. This unit looks so good that they are rapidly developing three units for our prototype aircraft, although our original drive system was completely engineered. A variable speed drive unit could eliminate the need to ever have a variable pitch propeller. This new drive system is so exciting that we may install it on the original aircraft.

One item that we would like to clarify is that the 70 hp engine mentioned in the newsletter is a three-cylinder, inline engine of the same type and manufacture of the two-cylinder version. We will be running tests on the three-cylinder engine shortly, and hope to have complete information and price available in the very near future. We would like to make clear that the 70 hp engine is not a combination of two of the two-cylinder engines. We have in the planning stage, however, the mounting of two 40 hp engines in a standard BD-5 fuselage and connected to the single pusher propeller. Although this is some time away before the design is complete and complete ground tests are done, we know that it can be adapted to the basic aircraft.

We would like to call to your attention that the EAA has published an interesting article in the April issue of Sport Aviation on the BD-5. There are a number of photographs of the master mold used in fabricating the fuselage. It is an interesting article worth reading.

We have in the development stage a small economical hangar for the BD-5. This is better than an ordinary hangar in that it is also a trailer. Overall dimensions will be 14 ft. long, 4 ft. wide and 5.5 ft. tall. It will allow you to have your own personal hangar at whatever airport you want and at the same time be able to take it home -- or wherever you choose.

We have had a lot of interest as to the possibility of BD-5 Squadrons. We are now putting together information sheets giving information on how you can form a squadron and get in on the ground floor of what promises to be an extremely exciting class of sport flying. We have Gene Soucy, the National Aerobatics Champion, developing a series of precision maneuvers that BD-5 pilots and squadrons can be expected to perform. We are even considering a special race category for BD-5 type aircraft. If you are interested in forming a squadron, simply drop us a letter and we will give you complete information when it is available.

Many of you may have noticed on our questionnaire we asked about the interest in Group Discount Purchasing. We are pleased to find that there is considerable interest in this, and after reviewing our cost structure we feel that we can pass on savings to the customer. We can therefore now offer three basic plans for purchasing the BD-5 at this time:

1. Place a $200 deposit and receive a priority number. The balance to be paid 90 days prior to scheduled delivery date. Basic price of the aircraft is $1,800.

2. If a group of give or more each place a $200 deposit a savings of $100 per aircraft will be allowed on the basic price. If a group of ten or more purchase at one time a $200 savings will be discounted from the basic price.

3. Installment purchasing may be done by placing a $200 deposit and making monthly payments of $100. A 6% annual interest will be paid on the monthly installment payments, resulting in a $67.90 savings off the purchase price. (Complete details and conditions of this plan can be obtained by writing to us.)

Any group or member of a group may elect to make installment payments as outlined in Plan 3 for further savings.

It must be pointed out that the basic price of $1,800 is an introductory offer, and it will depend on the amount of interest as to how long we can continue at this price. Obviously, those who placed a $200 deposit will be guaranteed the $1,800 price. The same thing holds true for group purchasing or installment plan. We would like to be able to continue to offer this type of savings for as long as we can, but we are not sure just how long we will be able to keep them in effect. For those of you who have already placed a deposit on the BD-5 and want to get in on plan number 2 or number 3, please advise us of your interest and we will give you complete information. For those of you interested in getting in on group purchasing feel free to write to us for additional order forms.

Our whole objective is to develop the best possible sport aircraft at the lowest possible price.

Last Update: 8/1/98