BD-5 Information Memo - No. 2

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Introductory Order Form

One point we would like to clarify on the introductory order form. Some people have been confused by the last sentence under terms and conditions. It reads as follows: "This type of offer is a pre-production introductory offer only and can be changed or canceled at any time without notice by Bede Aircraft, Incorporated." What this sentence means is this type of offer is for a limited time. In other words some time shortly and definitely before we go into production we will not accept orders on the introductory basis. We will try to notify everybody probably 30 days before we cancel the introductory price and after that time we will not accept orders at the $1,800 figure. It does not mean that we will cancel anybody's order if they sent it in prior to the termination date. Therefore, anyone sending us $200 or more deposit while we are accepting the introductory order form will be guaranteed the firm price of $1,800. Under no conditions will they be subject to any price increase. It is obvious anyone who has an introductory order form and sends it in 2 years from now we would not be able to accept it at the introductory price. The last sentence, therefore, only means that this type of offer can be canceled.

BD-5 in Progress

Progress with construction of our first prototype BD-5 is going along really well, according to latest reports from our chief project engineer, Paul Griffin, who is at this time at our prototype and research facility in Kansas.

Recent "tuft" tests with the "Micro" indicate absolute minimal turbulence. In fact, areas where some turbulence was expected turned out to be absolutely clean. Looks as though we have a mightily clean bird in the BD-5 "Micro"!

Next issue of this Information Memo we hope to publish latest pictures of the BD-5 nearing completion.

Frequently Asked Questions on the BD-5

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we have received on the BD-5. It has become necessary to answer questions in this manner because of the thousands of letters we have received, making it a mammoth task to try and reply to each one individually. If you have written to us with a question which is not answered in the following list, you may find it answered in the next issue of the BD-5 Information Memo.
Last Update: 8/1/98