Replacement of P/N BD-5M-0014

Dear BD-5 Builder:

It seems that no matter how hard we try to plan for materials packages, and continued regular shipping of them to you, we are being constantly faced with delays from suppliers of either, (a) regular shipments of parts in varying quantities or, (b) shipment of materials to us that prove to be defective in manufacture.

We are sorry to have to inform you that the latter situation has just applied itself to part number BD-5M-0014. This is .063" 2024-T3 formed channel that is used to construct the center box assembly of the horizontal stabilizer. It is in Supplementary Package No. 4.

We have already shipped past Priority No. 2600 with this package, and if you are one of our customers that has already received it we must ask you to destroy the BD-5M-0014 in your possession. This is a mandatory requirement, as the part in question is manufactured to below engineering specifications. It is not structurally strong enough for the job for which it was designed.

The manufacturer of BD-5M-0014, which will be made from the only acceptable material, and to the only correct specification, for use in the construction of a BD-5, will have a 3/16" hole in one end of the formed channel.

All FAA GADO offices will be notified of this situation.

We will not ask you to return to us the sub-standard parts, but in order to satisfy FAA requirements we must ask you to certify that you will not use this part in the construction of a BD-5. Please complete and return to Bede Aircraft. Inc. the enclosed form without delay so that we may send you your replacement BD-M-0014.

Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience, and we hope it will not delay too long the continued construction of your aircraft.

Best regards,


John Hall, Marketing Manager, Bede Aircraft, Inc.



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