The BD-5 Monthly - January Report (1974)

The BD-5 Monthly (From Sport-Air, Inc.)

Dear BD-5 Homebuilder:

The following facts we thought you might want to know:

MATERIALS for another package are being organized, and will include remainder materials for Canopy and Instrument Panel, as well as drawings for these areas. Bede Aircraft is also hoping to include drawings and materials for the nosegear box in this package, but will let you know more next issue. Actually, most of the sheet stock for both instrument panel and nosegear box have already been shipped in package #3, so Bede Aircraft only has to supply a small amount of materials in this new package. The construction drawings will be the most important items for you.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES CATALOG is now at the printers. A copy will be mailed to Sport-Air the first week of January, 1974. Attached is a contents list and prices for your advanced information.

You can, of course, send us your orders right now, using the attached price list, so that we can get right on it.

THE BD-5J has been issued a full CERTIFICATE or AIRWORTHINESS in the Experimental Category, having been released from "Exhibition" permit under which it has been flying. This means you might see the BD-5J fly into your airport one of these days.

We'll have more news on the BD-5J in the very near future.

The BD-5 (N502BD) has been flying this last week, and the latest and newest prototype (N503BD) incorporating all the latest modifications and engineering developments, should be flying within the next three to four weeks.

55 HP ENGINES are expected to arrive by very early January, and Sport-Air will be shipped one for display purposes.

MATERIALS PACKAGE NO. 5 will contain two or three small sheets of aluminum which will be the last of all sheet stock to be supplied for the BD-5. Previous packages already contained the rest of the sheet stock required for the aircraft.

The Main Landing Gear has just recently gone through a final drop-testing because of a new and improved casting we wanted to try. This is now completed and Bede Aircraft is working hard to get all parts necessary for construction of the landing gear together for shipment. The BD-5 landing gear is, of course, fiberglass struts on the mains and oleo strut on the nose.

Construction Profile drawings are now being completed for Horizontal Stabilator, Canopy and Instrument Panel and Nosegear Box. Everything is being done to get these sections to the printer as soon as possible. We will keep you informed of Progress.

BD-5D Sales are going strong and Bede Aircraft has just passed the number 2,000.

By The Time you receive this report Bede Aircraft will have shipped materials to all fully-paid customers. Because of the ridiculous and frustrating materials procurement situation just recently, Bede Aircraft has had to ship either materials packages 1 and 3 or 1 and 4 to customers, depending on the stock situation of such items as .025" sheet material (pkg. 3) and BD50017/18 angles (pkg. 4). "We have had to juggle the production line in order to keep materials packages moving out to customers," as was reported from the production manager. In addition, they have been shipping Supplementary Package #4 as fast as they can, but here again they have been plagued with a slow supply of BD500014 formed channel. However, they hope to resolve these problems very soon and make it possible to keep up a continuous shipping schedule of the packages concerned.

Those customers who have received only two packages will be shipped the remaining packages to bring them up to date as soon as possible.

Bede Aircraft has been shipping Pkg. 2A's (short wings) as well as some 2B's (long wings), but they are waiting for more long wing spars to come in, and this has delayed shipment of these wings. They should be in a good position to catch up on all Pkg. 2B orders over the next two or three weeks.

The Cut-Off Date for the $4,400 special price offer on the BD-5D has been set at April 1, 1974.

If you should have any questions regarding anything about your BD-5, please give us a call at 294-6176 in Tucson or in our Tempe office at 968-2592. Our office hours in Tempe are Thursday through Saturday from 9:00 to 6:00 and on Sunday from 12:00 to 4:00. SEE YOU SOON.

Sincerely yours,


Terry Cotlow

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