Scott Manning's BD-5J Trailer Design

Scott Manning, owner/pilot of a BD-5J, has decided to share with us the design he used for his trailer. The enclosed pictures, diagrams and text should help you construct your own, similar trailer for your BD-5. Enjoy! (Thanks, Scott!)

Some people were asking about a trailer design, so I am more than happy to share the design of the one I made.

I had the base made and then went to work on the body. The base is 5 feet wide, and uses a 2,000 pound axle. The trailer weighs 1400 lbs so adding a BD5 with a weight of 450 lbs is just about right. Here are the dimensions starting from the bottom and going up:

The result is a strong trailer, although heavy. But the good news is that it tracks very good and the most G's I had on the jet from trailering is 3.5 positive and 2.5 negative. Remember, that the G's put on the plane while trailering are instantaneous, as opposed to flying where they are rolled on gradually. The better the ride in the trailer, the easier it is on the plane. For a propeller BD-5, I would measure your plane from the from of the nose gear door to the very end, as the jet is a little shorter, just to be sure it fits.